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@kenny Not possible, default options are handled inside Cljs compiler, there is no API to get them

Shantanu Kumar09:04:18

Reposting my earlier question: What do boot users use as a substitute for the lein-ring plugin?


@kumarshantanu boot-http, boot-serve come to mind, there are more options…


does anybody have an example of how to use --filter with boot-test?

Shantanu Kumar14:04:15

In deftask dev (in boot-war-example) I am trying to (require '[ :as bar]) (bar/baz) but it errors out saying No such namespace: bar

Shantanu Kumar14:04:10

What’s a better way to require a namespace and call a fn in it?

Shantanu Kumar17:04:48

Fixed it by putting the require outside of the task


You could use resolve instead


When this PR is merged (, the new call task could help as well


(clandestine advocacy for my PR alert)

Shantanu Kumar17:04:34

@pesterhazy wow, thanks! I was looking for a boot alternative to lein run too

Shantanu Kumar17:04:54

which this PR seems to be addressing


correct 🙂

Shantanu Kumar18:04:35

I’m trying to debug a stack trace in boot dev run      745
java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$  617
 java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker 1142
               clojure.core/binding-conveyor-fn/fn                 core.clj: 1938
                                 boot.core/boot/fn                 core.clj: 1029
                               boot.core/run-tasks                 core.clj: 1019
                    boot.task.built-in/fn/fn/fn/fn             built_in.clj:  477
                    boot.task.built-in/fn/fn/fn/fn             built_in.clj:  479
    file: "/var/folders/cv/myzdv_vd675g4l7y92jx9bm5lflvxq/T/boot.user6365568036974101588.clj"
    line: 19

Shantanu Kumar18:04:12

Can anybody share a pointer on how to debug this?

Shantanu Kumar19:04:29

I’m using boot 2.7.1


@kumarshantanu try boot -b to print the generated script to see line numbers

Shantanu Kumar19:04:51

@pesterhazy Thanks, line number 19 is as follows: (clojure.core/let [boot?__1744__auto__ true] (clojure.core/if-not boot?__1744__auto__ (clojure.core/when-let [main__1745__auto__ (clojure.core/resolve (quote boot.user/-main))] (main__1745__auto__)) (boot.core/boot "boot.task.built-in/help")))


looks like boot.user/-main does not exist?

Shantanu Kumar19:04:47

@pesterhazy I have no reference to any boot.user/-main in my build.boot file


it's hard to help without seeing the boot file

Shantanu Kumar19:04:35

@pesterhazy Sorry to bother you, I found the issue was handler-init returning nil, which was one of the args to comp.


no problem, it's a bit tricky to build.boot


I have a question about the set-env! function. Are all the keys present on ? In particular I have seen :init-ns mentioned in build.boot files in other projects and am wondering what it does.


The boot run task is not a built-in for boot. shows that the namespace is not optional. If that argument is not present a java.lang.NullPointerException results. When this boot task failed there is little information to guide the search (in this case I stumbled upon the root cause).