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respatialized12:04:52 Interesting discussion of using Chez Scheme as the backend for a JIT compiler that already seems to achieve pretty high performance. They aim to implement Abilities (Unison's term for algebraic effects) using delimited continuations.

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Unison always looked super cool, though it is probably too inspired by Haskell for its own good


I'm not super sold on static types overall (and category theory in particular) but something like Abilities definitely seems like a good way of enforcing the kind of program-level safety that most people care about (e.g. if I run this program, it can't read arbitrary files from my computer).


Hum, would that be enforced by the OS though? It seems the programmer can grant themselves their own abilities? Anyways, I meant it more in that it uses Haskell syntax and even a lot of the constructs are the same as Haskell, and that for sure will hurt it's popularity, even though I think it has a lot of cool ideas.