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Multi cursor support is on its way to Calva Paredit, thanks to the wonderful work of @rayatrahman9! 🙏 gratitude . It is working in dev builds, and now we need your help testing this and finding remaining issues. Not sure how to do this, but trying this approach. I've introduced the feature and the process for testing and reporting on this issue: There you'll find 1. A video of the feature in action, including some glitches. 2. A link to the latest VSIX (the zip-file that contains the VS Code extension) 3. A description of the document notation we use for describing structural editing behaviour in Calva 4. Links and some instructions on how to proceed 5. Some first reports of some of the issues I have found Please, please consider doing this! ❤️

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Here's a video of the current build in action, warts and all!

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I’m blown away whenever I see your multi-cursor magic in your YouTube videos, @U0ETXRFEW 😅 Like in your FizzBuzz video, when you added a comment with the sample output data and aligned everything. I was thinking “Whaaat… How? And why am I goofing around with regex find-and-replace to do stuff like that?!” Multi-cursor and Paredit is some next-level stuff! 🤯


I love multi-cursors. They have been lacking from Paredit for this long mostly because I've never figured out how to do it. But @rayatrahman9 just did it. When I look at how, I’m like “oh, of course!” Open source is wonderful.

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Neil 0.18 has just been released! Neil is a small babashka script to work with deps.edn. Running on plain babashka means neil starts quickly. New in version 0.18 is the ability to list which versions of a library are available on Clojars or Maven. This is useful if you don't want every RC/alpha version. Example:

$ neil dep versions org.clojure/clojure :limit 4
:lib org.clojure/clojure :version 1.11.1-rc1
:lib org.clojure/clojure :version 1.11.0
:lib org.clojure/clojure :version 1.11.0-rc1
:lib org.clojure/clojure :version 1.11.0-beta1
A single line from neil dep versions can be piped back into neil dep add[1]. With the help of a fuzzy-selector like fzf, we can list recent versions, interactively select one, and add the selected version to deps.edn:
$ neil dep versions org.clojure/clojure | fzf | xargs neil dep add
Small video attached. Please ignore the neilz command name - the video was made before Neil 0.18 was released. To install Neil, see Github: [1]: neil dep add and neil add dep currently do exactly the same thing.

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