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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:04:38

@skynet I think we'd prefer to put it under the clj-commons banner. core is usually a single file in Clojure, not a namespace nesting.

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do you think I should move every namespace, or is it enough to move just the single-segment one?


updated the primitive-math PR back to moving things under clj-commons. prefix

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:04:28

primitive-math only has a single-segment ns. byte-streams has one top-level single-segment ns, but I think we should copy everything under clj-commons so it’ll be easier for people to update their requires

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:04:12

@skynet I’m testing out the deployment now, but when primitive-math is ready, I’ll let you know

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:04:27

@skynet org.clj-commons/primitive-math 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT is ready to try out

Arnaud Geiser13:04:02

Maybe we could also take the opportunity to fix clj-doc badge and the full documentation link (at the bottom of the README)


@U10EC98F5 thanks! I've drafted a similar PR for byte-streams with that snapshot version

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)01:04:36

@U038LN9KTAR my plan was to fix those for the real 1.0.0

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)01:04:43

@skynet the real pertinent question is, does making new namespaces fix the original graal/clj-easy issue?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)03:04:46

Thanks for all your hard work. > I also have a fix for a use of reify in aleph.tcp which causes warnings Hmm, what are the warnings?


oh so I also use the graal native image agent with the clojure-native-image-agent as well (and needed to patch it so it marks the class generated by reify for initialization at build time, but the name changes on each run. so reified classes won't be found when building

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)04:04:18

@skynet I don’t really use Graal, so I can’t help you there. Aleph uses reify in 10 different places, though, so if reify has to be removed, that will be a lot of work. (Also, I don’t see reify in aleph.tcp, is that the right ns?) Before even considering this, have you asked in the #graalvm channel for help/clarification? I haven’t heard of reify being a Graal limitation before.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)04:04:09

@skynet is released. I think we’re ready for the byte-streams and gloss PRs next, if you want to tackled them. For byte-streams, let’s actually deprecate the old namespaces (but leave them there).


let me look into the reify thing more then. either way it doesn't seem to be mandatory to get it working


cool, I'll update my byte-streams pr and start a gloss one. I think it might be good to copy gloss into clj-commons too since I'm changing code, so it won't potentially break people


@U10EC98F5 I've updated my byte-streams PR to use primitive-math 1.0.0, and deprecated the old namespaces and classes