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> A script for focusing on work, blocking non-work stuff. The idea is to forbid mindless app/website context-switching while you're focused. Happy about being able to pull together this script it composes a few macOS apps that worked well for me over the years, but that weren't being as effective lately in isolation. I was willing to pay good money for such a script since I completely lack ObjC chops Would be curious to learn about what you all are doing to remain productive. Personally I have to tweak the recipe every now and then - people change, life changes 👀


To avoid having to work with ObjC directly, take a look at They expose a bunch of native APIs with a Lua scripting engine which is a lot more pleasant to work with.


Yeah, I had heard of it and found it again during my research ( I ended up finding an ObjectiveC script that did just what I needed so it seemed something minimal and reasonably hackable


nothing against hammerspoon, seems cool but sometimes I'm already down enough rabbit holes 🌀 emacs clj

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@U45T93RA6 I feel your pain.


Very off-topic but traveling over the weekend we saw Frida Kahlo clutches and purses for sale at the airport, and I just thought the collection was brilliant. There's an awesome animated one.

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