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Why did we put Facebook in charge of GUI?

Since experimental useMutableSource API was added, we’ve made changes to our overall concurrent rendering model that have led us to reconsider its design. Members of this Working Group have also reported flaws with the existing API contract that make it difficult for library maintainers to adopt useMutableSource in their implementations.

After additional research and discussions, here are our proposed changes...
I smell fear.


I guess they have enough developer strength to throw at arbitrary problems so maybe it just kinda fell into their lap.


I think they won folks over with performance; by handling DOM manipulation; with the declarative quality of components; and the reactive "feel". Then, yep, huge resources poured into performance and promotion.


people using krell, how do you import ts and tsx files?


im trying to even do

(def w (js/require "./test.js"))

(js/console.warn w)
and its undefined