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Ory Band11:09:36

Hi. I'm using coc.nvim plugin with and installed. I'm looking for a way to go-to-definition (i.e. jump to source) for java files from clojure source (in scenarios with java interop and :importing java libs). Can't find a guide or examples on google or github. Does anybody know how to do that? Maybe with some other LSP client other than coc, maybe even the new native one recently available in neovim?


that seems like a much harder problem, as most java libs don't package source the way clojure ones do

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Ory Band20:09:16

thanks. i posted the question also in #lsp and got an answer straight from the developer. there are ways to solve this but it's under development;cid=CPABC1H61


Has anyone found a way to split a vim "session" over multiple monitors? It would be great if I could move my REPL and Conjure log buffers to one monitor, and "just code" on another.

walterl21:09:05 describes the functionality I'm looking for (I think), but doesn't seem to be getting much attention 😞


You could just connect multiple vim to same nrepl session, but won't help with sharing the buffer.

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You could also try something like Tmux, and use a tmux session, but not sure if that would help you


I saw similar approaches on SO too, but not sure how that helps. Won't that just duplicate the same view over multiple monitors?


If you have the REPL in another Tmux window, you could be on one window on one monitor, and a different Tmux Window in another; Also should work with Panes too if you zoom in on one in one attached session vs another