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Natalie Perret01:09:56

:woman-raising-hand: I was wondering if there should be a tutorial that guides Clojure learners building something like mid-size project (I know defined mid-size project), or maybe a website listing recipes for most io-related-stuff (side-effects): • Create a REST API and its automatically generated documentation • Conversely, API clients • File access + visitor • Network access • DB Access • Messaging Queue Access (i.e. rabbit / kafka) • Resource management

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Natalie Perret02:09:19

Btw this has been noticed Maybe a bit more step by step :thinking_face:

Natalie Perret02:09:42 I've found this resource easier to swallow than the official website

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Natalie Perret16:09:36

@U0522TWDA thanks! im gonna check this out


@U02DUHKTDAM I'll be interested to know what you feel about this workshop (full disclojure, I helped write it).

Natalie Perret22:09:40

Will have a look at it!

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Riffing off this idea further, I wonder if it makes sense to design / recommend a "canonical" series of progressions and set of learning paths. A Clojure(Script)-focused Developer Roadmap of the kind seen at:

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Asko Nōmm15:09:16

I think that would be awesome!


Pitching in here! I agree with @U02DUHKTDAM that a “mid-size project” would be an excellent resource for learners! A step-by-step guide, showing showing how to create a Clojure back-end/API, connected to a ClojureScript (React and/or ReactNative) front-end, and reading/writing to a database. Maybe a barebones to-do app, or something along those lines. Perhaps a simple game, like Tic-tac-toe or Yahtzee, would be fun.

Natalie Perret01:09:11

Like the most common ways to achieve things this kind of things.

Natalie Perret01:09:45

Maybe also common ways to achieve parsing, validation, combining validations, etc. As much as I agree that we are all "adults", I don't think it's necessarily wrong to take a stance on what is the most idiomatic way of doing certain things.