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Ory Band11:09:15

Hi. Asking the question here as well since it's related


There is no java go to definition ATM


This is something @U04V15CAJ and I are working to add to clojure-lsp + clj-kondo

Ory Band12:09:14

thanks for the answer eric. are there any plans to add it? is there github issue to subscribe to? (didn't find one)

Ory Band12:09:37

out of interest, why is kondo relevant to solve my problem?

Ory Band12:09:11

also, is decompiling java classes relevant? the most common scenario i'm encountering is writing cljoure and sometimes wanting to jump to java src, where i only have jars only with compiled classes. this project seems related but i'm no java expert to really understand what's going on there


Most clojure-lsp features rely on clj-kondo analysis (not the lint itself)


Probably the first version should work only with jars which contains java source code, but @U04V15CAJ may confirm that


In the future we could add some decompile or stubs like cursive does

Ory Band12:09:55

ok. thanks for the thorough answer ❤️

Ory Band12:09:22

yeah, i was looking to have cursive-like behavior. i'm envious of all my intellij coworkers

Ory Band12:09:56

i think intellij/cursive downloads the sources in the background and opens them up for you, since all the information for locating them is available in the pom file


Yeah, AFAIK this is the only missing feature on clojure-lsp that cursive has


But clojure-lsp has code lenses which cursive doesn't have :p

Ory Band12:09:00

what is a code lense? O_O

Ory Band11:09:29

And regardless, clojure-lsp is amazing, i get so much productivity out of it. keep up the good work 💪

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