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I would not buy an Apple either. The M1 CPU sounds awesome but their OS has become too much of a walled garden.

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I don't any of us would have expected Microsoft to become so much more open and supportive of OSS while Apple became more and more hostile to developers... I remember when Microsoft turned up at one of the MongoDB conferences and everyone was like "wut?" and they gave a keynote talk about all their OSS work and how supportive they were about MongoDB and Azure...


Although I'm still cautious and can't really see myself using their products that aren't fully OSS in a serious way any time soon with their EEE approach that can still be seen today.


I still don't believe in Microsoft. There are still LOTS of red flags with their policies, deliberate misleading content, and other issues...


I'm going for a workstation this time around. Right now my biggest problem is graphics card availability / price.


)) coincidentally in my toy language that mimics excel LAMBDA already available as FN with the same syntax ) oh… and LET is available as WITH (syntax is the same as well), cool

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Hello, @eval2020 and I are looking for 2 more people to mob program with, so we can work together on our programming skills. Clojure, functional programming, data oriented programming, refactoring, test driven development, etc. The method: Weekly session of remote mob programming. We might call it gang programming. Sounds more bad-ass, being part of a gang. Also, there will be 4 of us, so it’s kind of like the gang of 4, isn’t it? When: Tuesday, 12:00 UTC. PM me if you are interested.


And relaly I should change my WEB API web method to be a POST.


Is there a reason you don't want to just send these vars in a query string? So ?ropeId=25&firstSegment=1000&lastSegment=1350


in this case since their is only 3, I think I will do that


but what would you do if say I had 10 ? And the URI gets a bit cumbersome?


or had a complex object


Cumbersome in what way? You can express arbitrary nesting in a query string with square brackets:



oh, i wasn't aware of that!


for sure!


also flat arrays with [] e.g. x[]=1&x[]=2


There are times when it might be reasonable to require a POST, e.g. for consistency with endpoints in a larger API. But you should weigh it carefully against benefits of GET, like being able to leverage caching and share URLs easily.


are the nestings with [] part of the HTTP spec, or a convention that's widely used?


Convention, the spec allows you to repeat any names, so really all query parameters should be multivalued, but to make it easy most libraries treat them as single values, which then caused people to go back and invent this new marker for parameters they want to be multivalue


it seems like grandparent[child][grandchild]=xyz would be simpler as grandparent.child.grandchild=xyz


it would be simpler as a request body


the initial question was about GET, and the content of a GET body isn't supposed to influence the result (if I understand correctly)


and switching to POST just so you can use a request body for parameters also seems less than ideal


it seems complicated