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Yep, that’s right @sritchie09, what cljdoc calls wikilinks [[my.ns/myfn]] are only available from docstrings. I wondered out loud about this too a while back and @martinklepsch that > These links wouldn’t work on GitHub etc. and linking already is possible/practical with using CURRENT as version

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Sam Ritchie00:02:18

good to know that the base thing we want is that docs should also be just as readable from the github source tree

Sam Ritchie00:02:53

personally I would argue that it might be nice to expose more in cljdocs but you’re right, this is workable, maybe with some emacs wizardry to auto-write the links

Sam Ritchie14:02:37

hey all, one Q - what’s the style for linking to clojure.core functions?

Sam Ritchie14:02:03

[[clojure.core/apply]] tries to link to sicmutils.clojure.core/apply here:

Sam Ritchie14:02:15

in this docstring


@sritchie09 sorry about that, the wikilinks links are actually resolved within your project and so linking to clojure.core like that doesn’t actually work 😬


I think there’s a good argument for special-casing that though :thinking_face:

Sam Ritchie15:02:40

linking to cljdocs or similar instead for those would be excellent

Sam Ritchie15:02:45

@martinklepsch one more quick one - if you have a namespace required with an alias, is it possible to do something like [[v/kind]] in the docs?

Sam Ritchie15:02:54

Or do we still need the qualified namespace


still need the qualified one


but you can just use the last segment of it


If I remember correctly vars in [[links]] are resolved relative to the current ns

Sam Ritchie15:02:21

yup, that is right

Sam Ritchie18:02:13

hmm, one more note @martinklepsch, sorry to bug you:

Sam Ritchie18:02:00

in fact, here all looks well

Sam Ritchie19:02:34

(is it possible to re-trigger the build, maybe, and have that solve the issue?)


@sritchie09 there is a very subtly hidden “rebuild” button that appears if you hover over it in the top right corner.