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Hey Clojurians, Looking for a Remote Clojure Developer, must be able to work within CET / European Timezone for a long term Freelance contract. Stack is Clojure, Java, Datomic / SQL, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes Some projects running Front End but not mandatory to have FE experience as they have many BE projects too. DM me if interested 😁

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Rita Fleyfel16:02:32

Good evening guys! We have a Full stack engineer job opening at Multis. Feel free to look at the note below for more information regarding the job opportunity. If you are based in Western Europe, have 4 years of experience in Clojure, please send your CV by e-mail at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> . Stay safe 😊

Kenna Martin19:02:36 | US only 🇺🇸 (except CA, NY) | Remote Looking for a Senior Backend Developer (Clojure), full time, 5-10+ years of experience. Small dev team with opportunity to mentor and make a big impact. Email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> to apply. Job post found here:


Curious about "except CA, NY"?