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Any recommendations for a good static blog framework. I started looking at hugo but it gives off 80/20 vibes. I'm looking for simplicity with ease of getting started and expanding, y'know what I'm used to with clojure :)


@theeternalpulse I recently switched my blog over to cryogen and I really like that.


(I was using an old version of Octopress before, based on Jekyll, and it just got too hard to keep a Ruby env updated and working)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:11:03

I think Cryogen is pretty sweet if you want a Clojure backed static blog


I'm in the same boat as Sean with my blog. I manage to keep it running but it's raining deprecation warnings all over my terminal. Probably will port it to some Clojure solution within the next two years


@borkdude It took me a day to migrate from Octopress to Cryogen. And then several hours here and there afterward to tidy up CSS and other content-related issues.


Thanks for the suggestion, I remember you recommended Octopress a while ago, but I didn't get into it mainly because of the environment setup. I'll check out cryogen


yeah, I'll postpone it as long as possible probably ;)


but I'll be looking at your repo for how you did it


This was the quick "scratch" script I used to copy over all the Jekyll blog posts to the same URL structure on Cryogen


nice! I'll be bookmarking this


It takes care of converting the post prelude to EDN and the nested yyyy/mm/dd/slug/ structure from Jekyll.

Lubov Soltan20:11:52

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