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Does Github use some sort of bandwith limit per user? I'm trying to download a GraalVM release (400 MB) but it would take 2 hours, while from my VPS it only takes a few seconds


AFAIK it has. I once had to do an assignment when applying to a company and they made me use their API-key for that very reason


Is anyone aware of a C++ or C implementation of cognitect/transit?


There is a Go implementation


AFIK Rust has a good interop with C/C++


Wow, her github profile is a goldmine. Thanks guys, I hope I can work it out from here

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Drew Verlee14:11:29

Being tired of misspelling the word gullible, i noticed google now helps pronounce words. I thought to myself, maybe i'm actually saying the word wrong and thats translating over to how i phonetically sound it out? Yes im aware that things are'nt phonetic, but i can't quite break the habit. It seems i am saying it correctly, but apparently googles phonetic letters look nothing like the american English ones. What language is "guh luh bl" Highlighting the fact that i have no idea what sound "bl" makes other then through historical context "bl" -> "bull"


I'd expect "bl" to be like the beginning of "blue"


in english we'd add a vowel to make that standalone, but there's no extra sound in between


off topic, try editing up parts of words in a sound file editor some time - for most of us, the actual sounds that we make don't map to the conceptual pieces of words the way we think they do

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I always have that word written on the ceiling in case I forget

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Drew Verlee14:11:32

Did you know in England they call the ceiling "the floor" because it's the floor above you? They call the current floor the ground.

Drew Verlee14:11:02

On a more serious note, it's amazing how we personify everything. If I had chosen the word "success" would people need more likely to respond to the question and not the un intended implication? The mere presence of the word raises warning signals.


it's the structure of a middle school joke and it's unavoidable


And I've got the maturity of a middle schooler so it fits 😅


I don't know how many different phonetic alphabets there are, but probably at least half a dozen, all different. And in a world of looking up things in on-line dictionaries, unless you consistently stick with one, I don't have the energy to learn even one of them 🙂

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