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Alex J Henderson15:11:32

Is there a way to make the Calva REPL auto switch to the namespace of the active file? (I thought I used to be able to do this, but I can't find the setting)


This was indeed a feature in the past (see, at least with the old repl window. I'm guessing there was a reason not to add it back with the new one, but I don't see any information on this decision. Maybe @U0ETXRFEW can shed some light on it.


There is, at least, the command to switch the repl to the ns of the current file. But I know this is not what you're asking.


Yeah, it caused problems so I killed that feature. Might be something we should pick up again. I think we are in a much better position for doing it right now.

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A new Calva version was released: Thanks @stefan.van.den.oord for the contribution!

calva 6
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