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Announcing, a simple FSM wrapper around re-frame’s `:http-xhrio` effect with retries and error handling. State of request is tracked through a simple subscription instead of callback/dispatch. Code example:

(def fsm {:id          :customer-loader
          :http-xhrio  {:uri             ""
                        :method          :get
                        :response-format (ajax/json-response-format {:keywords? true})}
          :max-retries 5
          :path        [::customers 123]})

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I’m excited to read about Skija, the new JVM bindings to Skia (at the heart of Chrome, Android, Flutter, etc.), written by @tonsky, funded by JetBrains. Tonsky writes about his desktop for the JVM vision here: (Which I’ll summarize by saying, “can we have Electron for the JVM, but better?“) JetBrains funded this, which I believe builds upon Skija: (“Fast reactive desktop UIs for Kotlin, based on Google’s and brought to you by JetBrains”, forked from Android Compose.)

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And one more JetBrains project: Skiko windowing manager — higher level than Sijja, but lower level than Compose for Desktop: Scanning this to see how easy it would be to use with Clojure. :)


Exciting! I will await skijacl by @U47G49KHQ ;)

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if only they released it a couple of years earlier...


I love this


I have been in a bind between electron and jfx, this possibly solves that issue


Are there any talks of extending to mobile as well?


it seems like at least android is mentioned. skia (the library skija wraps) can compile for just about any target (I'm pretty sure).

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@U04V15CAJ I saw that! Very exciting to see!!


Another set of high-quality Clojure liraries for 2D & 3D graphics are available at: by Karsten Schmidt There are over 100 libraries for pretty much everything: from computational geomentry, to 3D rendering, to color management, math, generative art, ray tracing and 3d printing..

Jimmy Miller03:11:43

Super excited about the potential of this. :) Has anyone got this working with nrepl? I’ve tried a few things but actually get jvm crashes when attempting to make it work.


I really appreciate that the compose-jb project has some screenshots of the examples so that I don’t have to run the code myself 🙂