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Anyone knows of an office chair which can be locked at an angle other than 90°? Something just slightly more tilted than 90, nothing dramatic ...Normally for achieving that angle you have to actively apply force with your back (since the angle is not locked), which is an excessive distraction to me


Aeron chairs seem to have something close to this, but I thought I'd ask before dropping any big bucks. Also I don't like armrests (which seem non-optional in Aerons)


Some IKEA chairs definitely can do that, like the one I'm sitting on right now. I could find its name if you want.


please do :) I'm sitting in a Volmar, quite lovely, have a different Ikea one as well


The name is JARVFJALLET. I've had MARKUS before, I think it also had this functionality.


checked out the instructions. not super clear if it does the thing. the key I pursue is that it gets locked at e.g. 80° without any effort required to keep that angle. In my Volmar it's either locked at 90, or not locked at all Will try these on my next Ikea visit :)


The angle between the thighs and the back can be fixed at some predefined intervals (some notches/holes in some rod, probably). I just fixed it at ~110 degrees, just to try it out.

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Ah ace, ty for the confirmation!


I have a Steelcase Please, you push back to make it tilt but your body weight holds it there afterwards, no applying force necessary

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took a look, looks pro. if you relax all your back muscles, the tilt remains?

jwoods13:01:20 these chairs are like car seats. They have a lever that can adjust the back to any position and they also rock back if you want it to.

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Yes, @U45T93RA6. I had to get an ergonomic chair because of my back, it was an excellent purchase

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The aeron chairs have this problem less because they have a control on how hard it is to lean back. I realized after using it that I find most chairs too strong.


my only issue with aeron chairs is their price 😄


Second hand is reasonably cheap


yeah anyway programmers routinely get macbooks, so the price tag isn't so scary


They have similar price indeed


But one of them is just a chair


A chair that will last a lot longer than a laptop 😉

eccentric J20:01:35

What about a gaming chair? Of course, there's always that tier of "gamer" branded junk but I suspect there are some decent ones that are not that expensive that will work for longer work sessions and maybe angled back a touch. I haven't tried that out myself though, but it seems like those would be designed for long hours of use?