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Does somebody know a way to install all lein dependencies? I’m trying to run my clojure app in a docker container and I’m trying to cache the installation of all dependencies. I’m using lein deps to download all dependencies, however this installs only the entries from :dependencies and nothing from :plugins which will be installed when starting the app …


I need the plugins so I can use lein ring server-headless in docker-compose for development so I get the code reloading


@christian.paling maybe add the plugin to a dev profile and use a prod profile to deploy it?


lein deps should work with a profile


But then the plugin would still not be installed right ?


Basically what I’m doing is: Dockerfile --> builds an uberjar which I can then deploy docker-compose.yml --> uses lein ring server for comfortable development


if i understand it correctly you would have a dockerfile with lein ring server-headless as the entrypoint? and this would be used as a service in your compose file? this means you need another dockerfile for development?