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I am a few months out from graduating college with a bit over a year of work experience. I have offers for some places in California, but the thought of living there isn't very pleasant.


@U3JH98J4R Is the cost of living the main concern about CA, or something else?


Thats one concern, but there's also family reasons


@U3JH98J4R I hear ya. My closest family is 5,500 miles away (England) and my wife's is 800 miles away (Phoenix/Tucson). Property (mortgage/rent) is crazy expensive here (Bay Area) but there is a huge amount of software work here. I'm lucky to work from home so I don't have to deal with the awful commutes so I could move somewhere cheaper but my wife likes the access to three international airports (for her job as a cat show judge -- yes, really) and I'll be honest: I like the diversity here and the huge variety of cuisine and the culture 🙂

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I stayed roundabouts Mountain View for 6 months and San Diego for 6 months and I really didn't like the whole experience


Even when housing and stuff is covered, I really don't like the tech crowd all that much and the whole area ended up being pretty isolating.


I also don't think I would feel very "secure", if that makes sense. Like "oh cool nice relatively high paying job", but if I lose that job I'm homeless in a month because housing is priced for people with said jobs.


(at least in the pile of insecurities and fears that is my brain)


True. CA is an "at will" state and I've been at companies that let every engineer go with just one day's notice. And I totally get your feelings about the Silicon Valley "bro" culture -- I hate it too. I live in the East Bay and love it -- close enough to SF etc for easy access to culture etc; far enough to avoid the craziness 🙂


We just moved to the East Bay last year, an option what with my son finishing HS. We absolutely love where we ended up. And, we can actually afford a house!


Helps that the kid went to college in Canada 🙂


@U0QNQ3P3L Yeah, when we went house-hunting back in 2001, there were only a few places in the Bay where we could afford to buy.


We ended up in Castro Valley. Where are you?


@U04V70XH6 we're in San Leandro. Close to the freeway but because it's raised we don't feel close to it. Close to a commuter bus for work. Can't complain :)


Just up the road. Close enough to chat about Clojure over a beer sometime if you feel like it 🙃

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My commute is to turn right out of the bedroom 😁


Clojure and a beer would be great! I've thought of working remotely and heading into "the office" on the main floor. Maybe some day.


Right now I am in the Boston area, so I am trying to hunt for opportunities around there or remote


Wondering if anyone has any advice and/or leads


make sure your linkedIn profile is updated and reflects your clojure skils


I've had multiple interviews where we worked on the 4clojure .com problems during the interview - so be comfortable with those problems and working through them at the REPL/emacs


Look at - they are a clojure shop in Boston (the biggest?) They have open engineering positions posted...


You should drop by the next clojure meetup and let hat group know you are looking


Thats all very helpful, thank you!


@U3JH98J4R we are base in NYC, looking to hire clojure engineers. DM me if interested.