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My solo upgrade to 589-8864 failed. I have a log stream: 2020/01/24/[$LATEST]7975f45ef9494dc9b39c412959f3de4f but I don't know which log group it belongs to. This log stream contains the error message that caused the problem.


What did you see in the CF dashboard on the failed upgrade


Does anyone know which log groups I should be looking at? I tried all the usual suspects but no luck


hi, @marshall, @jaret you guys around? ran into an issue with a prod size stack upgrade to 589-8846. the nodes come up, but wasn’t seeing any …Compute.. log streams. tried bouncing them, same issue. I’ve since poked an SSH hole in the SG, and logged into one of the nodes, and been able to confirm that the datomic.cluster-node java process isn’t running. Not sure where sticks the logs locally, so can’t really investigate further


Did you upgrade storage first and then compute?


yep.. always 🙂


@eoliphant would you be able to log a support case for us to track by e-mailing <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. I’d like to know: • What version are you upgrading from? • Are you still able to connect and use Datomic or is this limited to log streams? • Are you running with any non-default system settings or parameters (i.e. storage provisioning/scaling, changes to network or instance configurations, alterations to the default CloudFormation templates)? • Are you using Ions on this system?


sure will send it now


The support case tracking will allow us to share all of this information and I can bring in the rest of the team + ask for more


I am going to get to my laptop and start looking at this


ok great thanks just sent it


and as I mentioned, I can ssh into the nodes now so if you need logs, etc I can get them to you


Let me know when you’ve sent in the case.


@eoliphant I am not seeing the case can you DM me the e-mail you used to log the ticket?


hey sorry had stepped away for a min. it was stuck in my outbox


Basic question Hello, I'm pretty new to Datomic and I try to follow the basic steps to get a locally fonctionnal toy-code project using Datomic. As I understood how to use the datomic-pro lib, I use the following dependancy in my project.clj: [com.datomic/datomic-pro "0.9.6024"] Since I am using the pro library, my call to d/transact fonction doesn't work (as-is) anymore. For example, a call to transact function: (d/transact conn {:tx-data [{:owner/name owner-name}]}) should rather be: (d/transact conn [{:owner/name owner-name}]) So the wrapping map {:tx-data ...} is not used anymore. Am I right? Does this change is documented (anywhere) please?


The issue you’re having doesn’t have anything to do with pro v free, etc. There are 2 API’s for datomic on-prem, client and peer. Your lein dependency is for the peer lib, but your code example is what the client lib expects.