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is there a graphical tool for building desktop app GUIs with html/js? I need something like javafx scenebuilder except for the browser.


Coming late to the printers discussion, please do not buy the Epson Ecotank either. I have one, and they also do some "firmware magic" to forbid you printing more than a certain number of pages. I did find out some strange tool that resets the counters, and the printer is working flawlessly, so not a "hardware issue" like the manual told me when some lights started blinking a specific pattern...


We've used HP printers for decades at home and we've been very happy with them. Most recently we've had an OfficeJet 6600 for years and it's a decent fax/scanner/color printer although it can be fussy about ink cartridges.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:12:16

I have absolutely hated every HP and Epson I've ever owned. I bought a Brother laser/copier/scanner about 5 years ago and it "Just Works". I put a new toner cartridge in it every 18 mo or so but otherwise never think about it. Brother cartridges also come with return packaging so you can send the old one back to them instead of putting it in the landfill, not sure if others do that.


brother laser printers are awesome.


HP also has return packaging for used cartridges.


Printers -- and our experience with different brands -- seems to be incredibly subjective :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


I opted to give a black and white laser a spin as my next "to paper" device... Brother Printer RHLL2395DW Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier 2.7" (Renewed) ...;psc=1 $99 bucks.


"+ $193.90 Shipping & Import Fees" đŸ˜„


i have a personal hp (8710) that worked perfectly fine until it's warranty expired, then it suddenly started messing up all scans with what looks like a memory corruption on the left hand sides of images (changes location with resolution change and their helpful docs suggest power cycling (known issue), sounds like a capacitor issue that they didn't care to fix in production line). funny stuff. but printing works fine and that it's main job. but given the experience in the long run with all sorts of brands i wouldn't consider brother any less of a workhorse.