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#cljfx css 1.1.0 released, adding support for Java 8, thus making all cljfx libs Java 8-compatible. Go wild with desktop apps in Clojure!

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Oh, I didn't know you were the one who did cljfx. I absolutely love it, when I first was messing with seesaw, seesaw was not the sort of thing I wanted (although that's not a dig on seesaw) ; I wanted something exactly like this, something declarative, where you're dealing with and manipulating raw data that acts as an interface for your eventual living breathing GUI, and will eventually of course be interpreted, in this case rendered.


I just released Fulcro 3.0.13 and Fulcro Websockets 3.0.5. These are bugfix releases that solve some issues that popped up in the 3.x versions with transaction processing of graph merges.

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