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bit late to the party @sogaiu re. MrAnderson (author here) also don't want to hijack the channel. re. resolved, unresolved tree, i thought i explained it in the readme (maybe i have not) there are even examples ;)


and mranderson can be used wo/ leiningen. conjure is an example of that


if you have any recommendations how to explain/rename resolved/unresolved: happy to hear them


@benedek this channel is low traffic enough not to worry about hijacking in my opinion, and after all mranderson uses rewrite-clj


@benedek i didn't have a clear enough model of dependency resolution when i read the first parts of mranderson's readme. working through the examples there did help to clear things up -- it just took more effort than i was expecting 🙂 regarding explaining resolved/unresolved, if there is a brief reference or description somewhere that explains how dependency resolution is done by maven / pomegranate (or possibly tools.deps -- it's mostly similar iiuc), just mentioning that sort of thing seems like it could be an improvement. i'll do some searching on this -- could be handy to have this sort of thing in any case. (i did go looking into conjure, but didn't succeed in figuring out how it used mranderson -- quite likely i didn't look enough and/or in the right places.)


didn't find the slide in question, but this bit from alex miller's talk seems to gives some good general background:;t=6m53s (starts at 6m53s or so)


the MrAnderson part got factored out to a separate lib apparently


ahhh, ty for those pointers!


nw, i should update the link in the readme too.

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