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Toni Vanhala07:12:22

BTW this year, we’re going to have this “Activity App” thingie, which I hear was a huge success for Heart of Clojure. So, reserve some time for side-activities around the conference. (Going to put a note about this on the web, when I have a few uninterrupted minutes to spare.)

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I am super happy to hear this @toni.vanhala 🙂

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Is there a page or repo somewhere about the thingie?


I poked them a bit about it this morning, seems @jussi has written an app for this. It's not released yet but will be. At HoC we used the Eurucamp app


Yea, I've been making one. Was aiming to get it released and running the next weekend and "stable alpha" version done during the christmas week.

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