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seems pretty straight forward to me but maybe it would be clearer if you showed the actual change of the text before saving. if that's what you actually changed.


i am intrigued for a different purpose. What you got going on in the right side is kind of how I'm picturing one of the UI elements in this interactive fiction/game I've been tossing around in my head. What is this?


Ah ok, perhaps it would be best to split the two types of live changes into separate gifs and show the actual edit?


I’m working on a lein cljs-template so others can write really rich TUIs really quickly 😄


tbh, I'm hoping someone else chimes in because I'm probably too newbish to be the right sounding board


"tui" interesting


You would be the best candidate actually metal I really want to showcase how using ClojureScript allows us to make changes to the running terminal program on the fly to people who may not be familiar with that.


I think this definitely highlights hot reloading effectively. people just might not understand where the actual change came from.


Ah that makes sense, I think there’s where splitting the changes into separate gifs and showing the edits like you suggested will help really drive it home.

Eric Ervin21:02:05

This is ace. In my mind I've associated ClojureScript with graphically rich web interfaces (yawn) and not graphically sparse command line interfaces (swoon).

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Eric Ervin21:02:13

Last night at the Clojure meetup I was trying to remember all the Re* things (React, Reagent, Re-frame). Today I want to go all in and have something in Racket called Reacketant .

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Hahaha Reracketframe


Nah I like Eric’s more

Eric Ervin21:02:46

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