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It takes quite some head scratching to make the Reloaded workflow avoid a variety of pitfalls. I've observed that we Clojure programmers keep encountering these, so I decided to share some knowledge in this tiny repo: Maybe the single most valuable thing is the snippets, which I've improved continuously over the last months. PRs with further advice are absolutely welcome!


This covers most cases I’ve seen… and hints at a few I haven’t… Is it possible to explain each and every important line in those snippets somewhere?

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[com.wsscode.pathom "2.2.10"] is out! This version adds supports for custom user context on connect mutations (more info: Also fixes issues with elide-not-found that was compromising fulcro tempids. Full change list

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{org.clojure/java.jdbc {:mvn/version "0.7.9"}} just landed in Maven Central. It contains a couple of tweaks around insert-multi! and highly experimental datafy/`nav` functionality (for Clojure 1.10). See for more details. All follow-up to #sql please!

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Fulcro 2.8.2 on clojars. Minor bug fixes. See CHANGELOG for details.

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