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So on my Mac OS X it seems Java got lost overnight so I have had a number of issues, including having to do a lein clean for no discernible reason to get a project to lein repl. Now in IntelliJ the Tools menu is not showing the Cursive tools (forget the label!). I tried Invalidate caches/restart with no luck. I tried a different Clojure project and it is not there either. Is there some other trick (IntelliJ setting) I can use to get Cursive to get involved again? Thx!


What happens if you reinstall the plugin?


haha, that was on my mind. I'll give it a shot. Thx!


No luck. 😞


Hmm. What kind of tools did you have there in the first place? I don't see anything Clojure-related in my Tools menu.


Aha. The Cursive REPL menu item does not appear until I start a REPL in the IDE.


I guess the mystery is solved then. 🙂


Yeah, it's a classic. The crap all morning had me off my stride so I was trying to run a test before starting the REPL. The real problem being that the Mac figured out HIG in 1984 (dim the menu item, do not pretend it does not exist) and we have been losing ground ever since. 🙂 Thx for jumping in!


Sometimes when opening the REPL history, I get an item that looks like this. It causes the history to be laggy when opening. The item that appears to cause the issue is a fairly large map.


Are other ppl having trouble with Maven Remote Repos disappearing in settings? It happens periodically but I don’t know why. I’ll go to deps.edn to fix a version, and command completion will tell me it can’t find any versions, then I go to maven remote repos and nothing. Sometimes restarting intellij fixes it, but even that is erratic.


NOTE: I do have custom repos (e.g. my.datomic) which won’t resolve (resolve with an error due to creds in intellij)…that normally is ok, it just doesn’t index them, but perhaps that is the issue