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anyone work at circleci? it would be nice if circleci/clojure:lein-node could be bumped to lein 2.9.0


Their support is super responsive @dpsutton


will do. thanks

Ben Hammond15:02:06

In 'The Hobbit'' Chapter 2 'Roast Mutton' when Gandalf tricks the Trolls into being outside when dawn breaks. He sows disinformation to keep them arguing. He is TROLLING the trolls

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Ben Hammond15:02:28

apologies if that is old news. It's new to me

Mario C.16:02:52

I created a git alias recently compare = !sh -c 'git log --left-right --graph --cherry-pick --oneline $0...$1' but I kinda just followed what I saw in previous alias that I copied and pasted. What does the !sh -c do?


Invokes a new subshell to run the full command in the single quotes within

Mario C.16:02:05

If I type !sh and then hit space it replaces it with a different command. I am guessing it shows a previous comand?


! in git config files is magic. It means 'invoke this in a shell'. Without a leading ! git assumes the alias is still a subcommand to git, for example log-notes = log --show-notes=* means git log-notes is the same as git log --show-notes=*


In the shell itself, ! has different meaning, I forget what that is (given that my bashrc seems to have broken it)

Mario C.16:02:38

Ahhh okay that makes sense. I am guessing that the -c is a flag for arguments?


So that command is probably invoking in a subshell using sh -c and single quotes because otherwise the $0...$1 would be interpreted at the wrong time, i.e. before the rest of the command was run, instead of within the context of the output of the rest of the command


-c takes a string and runs it as a command within the subshell


Then exits that subshell


sh -c 'echo "foo"'

Mario C.16:02:54

Would having a space between ! and sh work as well? How does it know where it get its arguments from?

Mario C.16:02:14

nvm I figured out the argument part

eccentric J19:02:55

Any recommendations for recording screens into a gif on OS X?


quicktime screen recording + ffmpeg

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valtteri06:02:28 I’ve been using this for years.


I use that too

eccentric J20:02:50

Excellent, thanks!


kap is open source and on brew

eccentric J21:02:27

Thanks for those options! I also found show up in a few lists too.


how does this compare to giphy capture?

eccentric J19:02:52

- Gifox Pro version has no time limits compared to GIPHY 30 seconds - Giphy has some basic editing features where gifox does not - Gifox provides more controls over framerate, downscaling, etc… - Gifox has features for capturing a selection and a window where as Giphy only supports a selection - Giphy can loop in forwards, reverse, ping-pong where as Gifox can loop forwards infinitely or a fixed number of times.


quicktime screen recording + ffmpeg

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