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hello 1. is there any way to not run specific tests marked as ^:slow via metadata? 2. is there a good way to run tests in the repl?


(1) is covered by the docs, apologies


as is (2), I’ll see myself out 😄

Christian Johansen11:02:15

I consistently see no captured output from tests running in CLJS

Christian Johansen11:02:21

is this a known problem?

Christian Johansen11:02:38

I even reproduced it in small repo, let me know if it would be helpful

Christian Johansen11:02:20

also seeing another weird issue: I have some async code using core.async. I have something akin to (go (is (= (<! port) {:actual "Value"}))). If the comparison fails, kaocha fails the test as expected. if the comparison passes, kaocha complains about a missing is. I tried to reproduce this as well, but in a small trivial test, this did not happen


Hey, is there a clear terminal pre test for --watch mode?