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context: I need to hardcode some ugly constants In practical usage for data mining work, when using tensors, are there any cases where one needs >= 6 dimensions ?


One can get 4 via: width height depth * n-samples but 5, 6 are had to imagine, and I don't see practical cases for dim 7+ higher tensors


I had the most awesome “type” error yesterday. 1 We had a function of one arg that returned a hash-map. The arg was ignored, so the result was just a literal hash-map. 2 This function was refactored to just a (def some-map {..}) 3 Somewhere else in the code this was still called a function: (merge (some-map nil) {:other :stuff})


and it all still kind of worked … but some keys disappeared of course 😉

Karol Wójcik15:03:20

How did you find a job in clojure? Im in poland and where there is no many jobs in clj and cljs


I've seen many job postings that are looking for EU citizens to work remotely.


I'd try looking for Clojure jobs in the EU and ask if there have remote work.


Or visit Clojure meetups if there are any in your area.


@kwcharllie379 Are you in #jobs-discuss ? That channel often has good chatter about how to find jobs and, in particular, remote jobs.

Karol Wójcik17:03:59

Nope. Thanks I will join that channel:)