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I’ve tried using the IntelliJ IDE Settings Sync plugin, but AFAICT it just doesn’t really work


But it did wipe my keymap settings


So beware if you try it out


@danielcompton I’ve been using VCS > Sync Settings > Merge for about a year now. I had last used it a few days ago with another computer but now on my main computer I get

7:10 AM	Failed to Sync Settings: Missing commit c396bca6c7d562364c4e4e680f51b95be847f62f
If this is the same option you are referring to, maybe something has gone wrong.


This is a new plugin, it doesn’t go over Git, goes straight to JetBrains servers, but I think it is probably based on the same pattern. It doesn’t sync as much as the VCS sync settings one though


I was using that for a while but didn’t realise only on one computer, so it never synced