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Anyone have tips on static analysis / pluggable typing for 'tainted' or 'sensitive' values in Java? I know there's been research done on it (JSR 305), but not sure there's a mature implementation.


What is happening to cryptos today?


someone made fun of Vitalik


@jgh are you serious?


i have no idea…google announced they were banning ICO ads so maybe that’s part of it


if "google banning ads" => "all coins drop" then it must mean . significant portion of coin holders believe the coins have no value and are just looking tl sell to a bigger fool


😄 Yea, I read that too. not sure if that makes a difference.


seems there was also a US house subcommittee meeting on cryptocurrencies today too


total money into bitcoin >= total money out of bitcoin + total money spent on electricity mining bitoin + cost of asic chips doesn't this mean the avg bitcoin investor has to end up losing money?


i guess if the price keeps increasing indefinitely then maybe not


plus there are new bitcoins being minted still


i guess once that stops happening it’s an exercise in perpetual motion or something


most likely the people who were really early on and didnt blow their bitcoins on pizza in 2012 are hoping it gets up to like $1000000+ so they can be the richest people in the world


im sure there will be a cryptocurrency that comes along that can be used as a currency, but I doubt that will be any of the current ones since they’re all capped as far as I know

Matthias Schuster02:03:29

Iota is different, same as faircoin


@qqq plus the "speculative" value added to the market. A mined coin today produces more value today than 5 years ago. So you have to also include the work of the speculation itself as a source of value.


they’re minting fewer coins than 5 years ago though


if qqq's equation was right, bitcoin would never increase in value.


I think most people are just into BC because they think they can sell it at some point. The idea of a p2p currency is great, but a lot of bad comes with that too.


Reminds me a bit of Tor, cool tech, but in the end it's mostly used by people I don't want to associate with. So to me all the interest is just a big ponzi scheme. Unintentional (for some currencies), but a ponzi none the less.


@qqq I don't understand the fascination with cryptocurrency (and I sort of wish it was off-topic even for #off-topic since it always seems to produce wild and baseless speculation that is so detached from reality that I don't know why anyone even bothers responding! 🙂 )


perhaps a #even-further-off-topic


@seancorfield: I find bitcoin fasicnating in the same way a scientist may find a weird phenomenon that disobeys known laws of physics fasicnating -- I epxected the value of bitcoin to be 0, butit's market value is clearly non zero