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@dottedmag The problem is that clj-refactor doesn’t support injecting deps for deps.edn projects. For the time being you should add those manually to your project.


> It’s weird that it brings in Orchard


It to work around some dependency resolution bug, that we couldn’t track down. It will be removed eventually.


Yeah, fixing this would help as you’d be able to inject refactor-nrepl via the cider config. Fixing it is super simple, unfortunately I have 0 time to oss until the end of the month (and likely much of next month).


> is this like a maintainence or consolidation plan? Just seeing bits and pieces (orchard)


Some consolidation would be a nice outcome, but that’s going to take some time. I’d love to polish a bit nREPL and piggieback for some short-term gains, and afterwards focus on ways to support alternative REPLs. I still believe that nREPL is fundamentally very sound in its design and relatively easy to use, it’s the just that it hasn’t evolved much in recent years. Theoretically if we (the CIDER/clojure-emacs team) have access to both projects we can even merge the cljs support in nREPL itself.


@bozhidar for issue #2226, would it be enough to set cider-clojure-parameters to something like (format "[%s]" (mapconcat 'identity cider-jack-in-nrepl-middlewares " "))? (my elisp-fu is not that great, probably there's a better solution...)


Yeah, basically you need to interpolate the user-supplied middleware where you’re forming the execution string.


Also for the dependencies :)


ok, I can open a PR with that code if you want. But again, if there is a better way to "list-of-strings->vector-of-strings" in elisp, I'm all ears. 🙂


@manuel might be worth reading what lein and boot do.


@bozhidar I don't have to add an explicit orchard dependency fwiw, I think that's fixed.


OK, guess we should remove it then.


@manuel there’s also string-join in Emacs.


@bozhidar interesting, so it could be something like: (format "[%s]" (string-join cider-jack-in-nrepl-middlewares " "))


(string-join '("one" "two") ",") => "one,two"


cool. Now I'll check what lein/boot do as @dominicm suggested, because I have to understand what needs to be done beside setting cider-clojure-parameters with the values from cider-jack-in-nrepl-middlewares

Karol Wójcik15:03:07

I experienced strange behaviour with cider repl. Everytime I switch from one window to another the text in cider-buffer is doubled. For instance I am in 'some-namespace in cider and i call (print "hello"), then i switch to another window, then i switch back to cider and the (print "hello") is twice. I'm using spacemacs. Maybe that is the problem?


I’ve never had this problem. Which CIDER version are you using?

Karol Wójcik16:03:10

Ok it seems that it's the problem not connected with cider


Looks like the problem I had in inf-clojure

Karol Wójcik16:03:40

I got that problem even in normal ansi-term


Yep comint is the culprit


Might be worth trying


But CIDER doesn’t use comint, so I don’t understand how this can be related.


No @bozhidar I think he said that it is not related

Karol Wójcik16:03:58

Yes I thought that is related but it's not


Might be something different from comint as well, I don't know what ansi-term is using actually

Karol Wójcik16:03:25

The same is both for the term, cider and all repls. I don;t know what's causing it. I will ask spacemacs community. Thanks for help.

Karol Wójcik16:03:50

The problem was with the zsh

Karol Wójcik16:03:14

After switching to bash in emacs everything runs smooth and very nice. The problem is gone.


so, I’ve got that same issue nowadays, but I’m using bash


@bozhidar can you put me on the piggieback team?