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Is there anything like Hiccup in the Javascript ecosystem? I need to do a small job in Javascript, and am feeling the lack. I don't want a mustache-like templating language. I want something, like Hiccup where I can pass in a JSON data structure and get back an HTML string.

Olical14:03:07 might do the trick, although I've never ever used anything in JS that works on the data -> DOM idea. Other than React.


It doesn't appear to be a very common practice in JS.


i've written a hiccup-like DSL over Hyperscript before


Thanks. Looking at both now.


json-dsl errs immediately. And, even if I get past that, it doesn't look like its syntax preserves the order of subexpressions. Sigh. Hypertext looks more interesting. Doesn't do everything I need, but looks like I can build on it straightforwardly.


Wow. looks interesting.

Matt Grimm19:03:57

Hickory supposedly supports cljs, though I have only used it in clj:


Thanks. But, sadly, I was looking for a tool for JavaScript. (Meanwhile, it looks like thi-ng/umbrella/hiccup will do what I need).


(Checkout the test/ dir)

Chad Morrow20:03:25

Hey all, I put this Clojure Slack theme together just now and thought I’d share in case anyone was interested. I pulled the colors from the clojure website.

Chad Morrow20:03:26



@chad.b.morrow Cool! Here's the theme I've been using for a few years, also based on the Clojure logo colors. Looks like yours is a dark theme and mine's a light theme? #FFFFFF ,#90B4FE ,#E4EAF7 ,#4C5770 ,#C4C4C4 ,#272727 ,#91DC47 ,#63B132


HA! Switched 🙂

Chad Morrow22:03:21

oh nice! I was thinking of doing a light theme but got distracted working on a theme for the Rust lang slack >.>

Chad Morrow22:03:24

i like yours!