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@yogidevbear: Would you be so kind as to give me a hint as to what you were referring as I cannot remember. Thanks.


Haha - keeping chatter on #C03RZGPG1 to a minimum


Oh, excellent. Talk about short-term memory loss due to excessive multi-tasking, eh?


Yikes, I must look like a complete idiot.


It's a good thing we don't have to be subscribed to all 226 channels in this slack group alone 😉


If only you knew how many chat apps I have open on my computer right now.


Nobody but me is subscribed to all the channels. And I would know if they were. Because I am.


I'm following 16 channels to start and that is plenty for me


Well, except #C0CB40N8K . I unsubscribed from that channel as a silent protest.


Yep. You'd have to be insane to subscribe to more than a handful.


I only subscribe to channels that do not currently exist.


I’m not very good at it, unfortunately.


Jeez, I am so spoiled by clojure. So I played stockfighter with clojure and after finishing it I was like, ok, that was fun, let's learn a different language and repeat. So I started using elixir. IDE? Nope, there is an intellij plugin, but it does not really work on windows in the current version. So I used emacs. the emacs experience was ok, there is even line / buffer or file evaluation of code. But, when I wanted to see the source for std lib code it did not work. Turns out I have to download the source first and configure emacs with it. All in all not that a bad experience, but with clojure, it is all just there. So next I thought about trying kotlin. It starts good with nice tooling, good documentation, source code is available via gradle in the project. But, uhm, of course I want to reload my code during development without restarting the app. Uhm, it's not possible, works only with method bodies. Bummer.


So what next? Is there anything close to clojure reagarding the tooling, hot code reloading, available libraries, concurrency? I just don't see it, maybe someone else does?


Any thoughts on CircleCI vs CodeShip (for usage, not their front end technology :))


@borkdude: I've heard good things about both, but as to the usage, I can't really comment simple_smile


@borkdude: not what you're asking, but looks really cool