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I have a snippet of code (def text (r/adapt-react-class (.-Text js/React))) (def input (r/adapt-react-class (.-TextInput js/React))) (def styles { :title-content {:fontSize 30 :height 60 :textAlign "center"} :input {:height 60 :font-size 15 :border-color "red" :border-width 2} }) And in my component i have the following UI components [text {:style (get style :title-content)} "Help for"] [input {:style (get style :input) :placeholder "Type a game title"}] [text {:style (get style :title-content)} "Search for"] I see the Text instances being rendered but the TextInput doesn’t show up. I am on react 0.19 and re-natal Very simple but it doesn’t seem to work, Any ideas


@rnandan273: try adding :onChangeText and :value props