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Ma-aaan, Dan Friedman's "The Little Prover" is out, but not in ebook. So it'll probably take forever for me to get a copy. 😞 (At least through normal channels.)


How does one get better in CSS? Like for Clojure there are clojure koans, 4clojure etc. How do you get better at CSS design/puzzles?


@borkdude As a CSS newbie who dived head first and wrote the whole CSS from scratch (due to restrictive L&F requirements) I strongly suggest you take a deep breath! I also strongly recommend, in order to retain some sanity, a CSS preprocessor. Less or SASS (I would chose SASS).


In fact, I started off using Garden which really helped tame the insanity but it wasn’t scalable for the non-Clojurians in our team who needed to edit the CSS.


@colin.yates: I'm familiar with the common CSS ingredients and also SASS, but I think it takes exercise to become good at it. Sometimes those exercises arise during a project, but I'm wondering if there exists something like 4clojure for CSS.


ah OK - I did read a useful book - “CSS crime scene” or something like that which looked at common problems and how to solve them - that is the closest I can think of; let me find it for you...


I think it was "The CSS Detective Guide: Tricks for solving tough CSS mysteries” which wasn’t exactly what you are looking for, but it did give me a small process for trouble shooting which I found useful.


@borkdude - my pleasure. (I don’t think it will be your pleasure though - CSS (shudders)) simple_smile


@colin.yates: sometimes a man has to face his fears 😛


Recently discovered and really excited to use it :) I think there are plenty of good ideas in there to learn from. /cc @colin.yates @borkdude


@martinklepsch: thanks, I'll check that out


I’m thinking of making a garden version of basscss for React Native . (Currently making a React Native app with Reagent)


@jellea: That sounds very cool. I created a #C06DTLT5X channel a while ago for these kinds of things, then got sidetracked and haven't spent much time on css issues. But it would be great if css got more attention.


@jellea: that sounds nice, I was also considering porting it to garden but I think just CSS is good enough and Garden doesn’t add much value


@martinklepsch: well, there’s no real css in React Native, just objects and they get messy real quick


I'd like to start a blog, any recommendations for a code-friendly blog engine? (It doesn't have to be written in Clojure :) )

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:07:54

or if you wanted to keep everything on github, just use the built-in jekyll and github pages


@val_waeselynck Jekyll is a Ruby based static site generator that is very good and popular. There are dozens of others. Clojure: Cryogen and Perun (Boot)


if you’re into Emacs it’s fairly easy to set-up a static site with org-mode, gives you all the nice things of literate program and whatnot too!


@val_waeselynck lein new modular my-blog clean-blog


it's a bit rusty now, but it's the code we run from


is it me or is Java on OSX much slower than Java on Linux. Things like ‘lein’ rather than runtime performance...


colin.yates: I wouldn't be surprised if typical system usage, and the default pre-caching strategies on linux vs. osx made a big difference


@val_waeselynck: you can use cryogen with Github pages too