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anyone have any comments about how CCW for Eclipse compares with Cursive for IntelliJ, as a Clojure IDE?


not trying to start a flame war, just curious simple_smile

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:01

I think Cursive is moving faster these days. if you are coming from Eclipse for Java, you might find it easier to mesh with your idea of how things work though.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:52

I have a lot of Eclipse background and I still struggle sometimes with the terminology in some of the Intellij interface


@alexmiller: thanks! that makes a lot of sense. i’m primarily an Eclipse guy but I’ve used intellij before. it looks like Cursive has more features than CCW, though, so I’m leaning in that direction


I use both a lot, and can't really decide. I have a slight preference foor CCW about structural editing. On the other hand, I really like IntelliJ for project navigation.


Also, CCW can be more practical if you want files from several projects in the same window.


Emacs. Just saying. simple_smile


And thus the flame war began


(putting on flame suit) - I prefer IntelliJ over Eclipse as it seems more integrated and you can do everything from the keyboard. Cursive is also fantastic (including structural editing). I often miss things from emacs in Cursive and often miss things from Cursive in emacs.


It’s been awhile since I’ve used Eclipse, but one of the primary reasons I switched to Intellij from Eclipse was ease of navigation, package installation, and debugging. Cursive integrates quite nicely with all of those features that made me leave in the first place.


For those following 12-factor app, how many environment variables do you have set on a given server?


@alejandro: 29 and not happy about it.


(most are between 5 and 10, but yeah we have a 29er)


I’m biased since I develop Cursive, but I think it’s objectively pretty far ahead of CCW in terms of features now.


Which is not surprising since I have a lot more time to work on it than Laurent does on CCW.


But like alexmiller says, if you’re used to the Eclipse UI you might find CCW more comfortable.


JetBrains have a pretty good Eclipse->IDEA migration guide here:


@alejandro: < 10 that we do set, some 50 or so that are set-able, but that have defaults and dev/test/staging/prod are ok with the defaults.


@cfleming: can’t wait, i’m gonna try Cursive this weekend. simple_smile out of curiosity, what are plans for Cursive? closed, paid software, like intelli itself? or open-source?