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interestingly enough, I found the workspaces/default window managing in cinnamon to be way more straightforward to use than in osx


the weakerthans broke up


I use phoenix on osx for window management. Pretty happy with it since about 6 months:


@ordnungswidrig: using ClojureScript right? simple_smile


I use for a year now It's not perfect but pretty nice


colin.yates: not tried, yet.


@codeadept: you can use coffeescript.


being an old git I thought I would get in with the cool kids and listen to Taylor Swift's 1989 - nah - it’s all noise. Going back to my Arrested Development


what do you all listen to when you code?


There’s a mess of fantastic new music out there but it’s nowhere near Billboard charts or ClearChannel radio. Check out Kate Tempest — Everybody Down (, D’Angelo — Black Messiah (, Cult of Youth — Final Days (, and most definitely Swans — To Be Kind (


And I curate this Spotify playlist ( which is nothing but upbeat indie and classic rock.


interesting - checking it out now.


saw Ezra Furman at the weekend, obsessed now


One last offering: KEXP in Seattle is a fantastic independent, listener-powered radio station. They stream online at The Morning Show is especially fantastic. 6-10am PT.


It’s a proper FM radio station.


Sugah Daddy by D’Angelo is pretty funky - love it.


reminds me of my favourite band us3


oneohtrix point never is good coding music, I find

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:07:40

mcgivernsa: I love Ezra Furman +1 on that

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:07:42

the first time I saw him he opened for someone. we bailed out of the main act and hung out in the parking lot watching him play for an hour+ instead.


Hah, nice. My favorite show memories are like that.


sounds awesome, that's a good memory to have

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:07:58

I've seen him a few times, always great.


I like the mix - I tend to be all over the shop music wise; Chris DeBurgh to Bach to Black Eyed Peas to Us3.


Interesting (to me anyway) how the right music is just great but the wrong music becomes a significant distraction.


I even listened to some of Will Smith’s music and found myself tapping away!


Right on. I’m pretty picky about what I like but I’m not a fan of generic snobbery. If it gets you going, then that’s good.


I’m not an audiophile at all, but the best purchase I ever made music wise was some AKG550s. Just amazing.


Bookmarked. Sooner or later I’ll be working in an office again, I imagine, and I’ll be in the market for a good pair of full cans. I prefer buds for the street but I can’t rock them all day long.


they take a while to get used to and they don’t add anything to the bass. But once you get used to that (I almost threw them out when I first tried them on) you will appreciate the purity of the entire range, including the base. Massive Attack’s Mezzanine is just sublime on them. Really chilling.


I used to DJ so it’s tough for me to let go of big bass response. I’m still using a six-year-old pair of Beats that rock (back when Beats were quality) but the plug is starting to fall apart.


you might find these very anaemic then I think - they are very ‘pure’ in that sense. Great sense of space and on some tracks you can hear the individual instrument’s strings being plucked. When I listen to YoYoMa’s cello stuff you can hear him breathing! But no, they don’t add anything to the bass.


don’t get me wrong - they do a great job of bring forth whatever bass there is already, but they aren’t going to add bass in the same way as Beats.


They do have great depth though - they don’t distort anywhere at any volume (that I can stand anyway)


just very very clean


Yeah, Beats are pretty rubbish when it comes to classical or even ambient and drone.


If you want high-end, clean sound and quality build, but with a big bass response, I can recommend the Sony MDR-1A


I wear them about 6 hours a day, only have good things to say


Nice. When I used to play out, Sony was my headgear.


one great thing about the AKGs is they close over the ear and cut out pretty much all external sound. They are really comfortable and when the kids are home/out of school I wear them constantly. I had the phone next to my laptop but out of eye sight and couldn’t hear it ringing - I wasn’t actually listening to anything at the time!


of course, now the kids delight in sneaking up behind me and shouting boo.


I love my v-moda crossfade m-100 headphones. They are over-ear, very comfortable, fold up very small, don't look totally stupid to wear in public, and have excellent sound quality (deep bass, but not artificial, very clear and accurate all around without that exhausting edge on the highs that some similarly accurate headphones have).


anyone use logstash


and have good or bad things to say?


jrotenberg: we run an ELK-stack for logging on a project, works decently enough I think.. but eats RAM for breakfast. A bit of work to set up, but easy enough once you've played with it. Pretty simple to do stuff like log-archival to S3, etc. etc. I think it's OK.. I would love to not have to deal with the ops part of it, or use a service like loggly instead, but they were to expensive for the volume required.


stian: thanks


i have a pretty simple use case and i’ve written it from scratch for now


but it will inevitably start to get more complex


so i’m trying to figure out how i can be as lazy as possible and make something else do it


jrotenberg: We have started using Logstash and then dropped it due to resource usage -- for application-only logging it was easier for us to write directly into ES.


dottedmag: good to know


i’m just about to give up on it already because it doesn’t support something i need and the plugin that does a) has no docs and b) doesn’t seem to work anyway


if the effort of (re)writing that plugin is more than the effort of writing my own tool, meh


(if i could write my plugins in clojure ….)


so close, yet so far away