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I meet weekly with ladies on irc and we are learning clojure. We did a sample project with liberator/om and now we are interested in onyx. They put me in charge of finding a ticket or something we can work on. First though, we should try the tutorial and learn it simple_smile


@clojuregeek: In addition to other tutorials there is a just released workshop from LambdaJam


it's a lot of fun, highly recommended


Yeah, I’m hoping to work through that myself this weekend


I really enjoyed that workshop. Thanks for putting it together. It gives a great sense of how Onyx allows you to separate concerns (topology [workflows] vs task configuration [catalogs] vs task implementations [functions] vs graph routing [flow conditions] vs task setup/teardown [lifecycles])


I'm glad you all enjoyed it! I just got home from Chicago. I'll ping you later @clojuregeek simple_smile