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Very excited!


Some PSAs for the workshop tomorrow • you need Java 17 (or 18) • you should clone beforehand • if you cloned it already, make sure it's up to date: git pull • run bin/start-server already once at home so it installs the server (~200MB) • if you have a copy of the game installed, version 1.18.2, then you're good • if not, run bin/start-client username to install the client (i.e. the game), (~500MB) • everyone's world should be using seed 34, the easiest is to just wipe your world: rm -rf server/world (only delete server/world), the seed is set correctly now in, so the new world will generate correctly


We're really not sure what to expect in terms of number of attendees, and Minecraft knowledge. We'd appreciate it if folks who are familiar with the Minecraft controls and mechanics can help others navigate the game. We'll run over a few basics in the beginnings as well.


I’m new to Minecraft, but my 8 year old son plays it (a lot!). Looking forward to learning the basics, and in turn being able to hack the world in interesting ways. I’m hoping this can be a way into programming for my kids eventually.


First order of business will be to make sure that everyone is able to connect the game+REPL, and can eval forms. While we go around checking that and helping folks those who are already set up can open repl-sessions.s01-warmup and go through it independently. This is mostly a teaser, we'll start proper "instruction" with s02.


I've downloaded the workshop stuff. The client crashes when I started it. Something about that the render needs to be on the first thread. I could fix it by adding this to the java command:

JAVA_CMD="${JAVA_CMD} -XstartOnFirstThread"