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Hi there! My plans for this weekend have changed. So I won't be able to come to the conference. Does anyone know who needs a ticket?


There is a request for a ticket in the last message exactly above this one… ¯\(ツ)


thanks) I already spoke with Gavin and he no longer need one

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OK, sorry for stating the obvious.


no worries, thank you anyway 🙂


Because of no update on gavins message i was under the impression that it is still valid.


I would be very interested :)

Benjamin Brodie13:06:12

Anyone else looking for a ticket, last minute?


Is this the primary channel for communicating about pre-conf stuff? Just arrived :-D. Going to the meetup later today:

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Sandra Wichtrup17:06:29

ℹ️ Due to your huge demand for our : but limited space and for organizational reasons, we offer you the following set: Friday, June 10, 2022 - 7pm Contingent - 150 guests max. (Sorry! We have given everything!) - (first come first served, if the quota is maxed out, there may be room to just have a drink and chat, but this is at the discretion of the hotel). (vegan, vegetarian, meat) incl. 2 drinks - 38€ - while stocks last Register on site with your :clojureD ticket (by name, digital or printed ticket) We will welcome you at a small :clojureD registration desk in the lobby 🎉 To be paid in cash or with credit card at our registration directly to the nhow Restaurant Crew Additional drinks according to consumption, to be paid in cash or with credit card in the restaurant before leaving 🙃 We are so excited seeing you all, latest on Saturday! 💝:beach_with_umbrella:

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When can we start registering for it tomorrow?

Sandra Wichtrup18:06:37

7 pm at the Hotel!

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Noah Bogart17:06:04

is it possible to stream the talks or do i need to wait until the videos go up on youtube in a couple months?

Sandra Wichtrup18:06:57

Please wait 😉! We will Stream and upload branded videos of: Full talks, Lightning talks and the opening and (hopefully some impressions from workshops and atmosphere -working on) ..not months but little time after :clojureD

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Noah Bogart18:06:53

no worries! I am patient and don't mind waiting, but of course it's fun to watch live. Sadly, hard to attend when I live across the pond in the US 😉

Sandra Wichtrup18:06:36

Unfortunately Hybrid is costly in many ways and as if you would do 2 events in parallel - höhö 😜 (We had thought about it 😉 )

Noah Bogart18:06:21

hah yeah, I expected as much. I'm glad y'all chose the best way for your conference. Good luck! I can't wait to see the vids

Sandra Wichtrup18:06:19

Thank you so much Noah! We will slack here and twitter when vids are ready. All the best!


Hey folks 👋 if you're keen on joining the Firetomic workshop on Saturday it'd be cool if you could download the dependencies and the docker image before the workshop so we don't karate chop the wifi. You can check out the setup details in #firetomic or at 🔥. Ping me if you get stuck.


Me and lovely wife ❤️ are at the nhow in Berlin

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If you are attending the clj-kondo workshop on Saturday, here are the prequisites:


“Only a basic understanding of Clojure is required to get hooked!” 😆


Does anyone have a ticket for :clojureD? Thanks in advance :)


I replied in the thread you linked but the ticket is gone