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Wow, never seen that. Which JVM are you using? Is this something we can safely add to the script for everyone?


% java -version 
openjdk version "17.0.2" 2022-01-18
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17.0.2+8-86)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0.2+8-86, mixed mode, sharing)
I'll try with some other version, and see if that is why this happens.


This is the crash output, btw.


Does the installer somehow care about the java version used? I fail at starting the client with any other jdk. Either directly complaining about some class having the wrong version of bytecode, or just failing to load some library. Java18:

[08:18:47] [Render thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: [LWJGL] Failed to load a library. Possible solutions:
        a) Add the directory that contains the shared library to -Djava.library.path or -Dorg.lwjgl.librarypath.
        b) Add the JAR that contains the shared library to the classpath.
[08:18:47] [Render thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: [LWJGL] Enable debug mode with -Dorg.lwjgl.util.Debug=true for better diagnostics.
[08:18:47] [Render thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: [LWJGL] Enable the SharedLibraryLoader debug mode with -Dorg.lwjgl.util.DebugLoader=true for better diagnostics.
Exception in thread "Render thread" [08:18:47] [Render thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class
[08:18:47] [Render thread/INFO]: [ST
(With or without that first-thread option.)


What kind of cpu architecture are you on? This looks like it might be having trouble loading native libraries


If start-client doesn't work an alternative is to get the game from official sources


If you're on an M1 you could try using a java for x86_64 instead of aarch64 (


It runs fine with my defiant JVM (which might be x64 for all I know) if I use the Java option.


I'm a Minecraft noob. Can I REPL while the client is showing the world. Now when I switch to VS Code, the Minecraft game pauses (or at least shows something looking like a pause screen). The things I do in the REPL (just evaluating the pre-cooked forms there) happen, though, so that is super cool.


This is explained in the workshop readme, F3+p will toggle "pause on lost focus"


Or as I did back in the day: Open the chat with t


oh good trick 👍


for people who are completely new to minecraft the videos linked here are excellent to figure out the basics


Regarding F3+p, if you have a keyboard with FnLk (function key lock) you might have to turn it on first, we tried it with some folks and Fn+F3+p does not work.