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rewrite-clj v1.1.45 (the 45th release of rewrite-clj!) Finally decided to drop the alpha status. Highlights from the • now properly escaping inline double quotes for coerced strings - thanks to @ivar.refsdal for raising the issue! • renamed zipper creation functions that take a rewrite-clj node as input. The old names did not reflect their purpose which led to confusion. Old functions will remain but are marked as deprecated.**

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Ivar Refsdal08:06:29

Thanks a bunch! 😻


Thank you @ivar.refsdal for helping me to understand that issue was an issue!

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Mark Wardle20:06:16

Closing in on a v1.0 release, but here is hermes v0.12.681 smaller, with fewer transitive dependencies. Deployed in one of the largest emergency units in the UK, in the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK. This is a Clojure rewrite of tools previously written in java, and then later in Go, but this clojure version is far more capable with a fraction of the number of lines of code. This is an implementation of SNOMED CT, an international clinical terminology and ontology.

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Hey Mark - I just spotted "effective-time" in the code base 🙂 ...there are a lot of similarities with XTDB in fact - we should definitely chat/meet sometime! Btw, it looks like your link has a stray '-' at the end

Cora (she/her)20:06:53

yep, the - in there threw me off, too

Mark Wardle20:06:39

Thanks - fixed now :)

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Mark Wardle21:06:48

This is nothing as complex or sophisticated as xtdb, but it does use Lucene and lmdb as backend stores to help deal with the size of this terminology. I am planning on using xtdb for a clinical data repository next! Would be great to chat.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:06:41

Clojure CLI is now available • - Add -X:deps aliases to list available aliases • - More nunanced error handling for s3 downloads • Better error message when git url can’t be inferred

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clojure -X:deps aliases is nice -- thankyou!


Dart-&gt;Clojure 0.1.10 released Release Highlights: • Great thanks to @pez 🙏 for supporting cljc. Now it could be used from cljs world (not tested extensively though); • Support multiple vars declarations:

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^:const are visible in shell or with :string :format option