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John De Oliveira01:06:37

I was coaxed by @plexus to fill out my profile on Clojureverse, so decided to post it here as well. I am VP of Product and AI for a small B2B SaaS company that uses machine learning to improve human communication skills. For about 15 years I’ve been working in product management, and the recurring theme seems to be big data and analytics. Before that, I was an ontologist and project lead at Cycorp, where I released OpenCyc (a subset ontology of the Cyc common sense knowledge base) to the public. Cyc’s inference engines (there are many) are written in SubL, which is a proprietary subset of Common LISP that cross-compiles to C. SubL was first created in 1984. I’ve coded in various languages (mostly Python lately), but it has been my job job since the early 1990s. So, I’m not very good. Maybe advanced beginner to intermediate on concepts and beginner on any specific language other than Python. I’ve been enamored of Clojure since it came out. I’ve watched all of Rich Hickey’s videos and many Clojure videos from others. I think I understand most of the benefits of functional programming and I think homoiconicity is a wonderful, magical thing. I’ve been narrowing in on giving Clojure more time during hobby time, and on the job I’ve been working to convince my VP Engineering of the value of immutability and of data-oriented programming. One of my dreams would be to hire a small team of Clojure programmers at my company. It won’t be this year. After that, who knows?

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Alexander Carls09:06:19

Hello, I am Alexander from Germany, and I have been hooked on Clojure and the whole mindset for about two months now. My evenings have never been more full, and the days never felt that short. At my day job, I work with JS/TS, C#, and PHP Backend and Frontend for a decade. Thanks to nbb (node babashka), I am tinkering with large-ish scripts instead of small book exercises. I enjoy this so much that I'll be at :clojureD on Friday and Saturday. I am looking forward to meeting some of you there!

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Hey @U03CL5RA941 - I'll bring some babashka stickers to ClojureD, feel free to approach me to get some and talk :)

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Hope to get a chat with you at :clojureD, @U03CL5RA941!

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Victor Carvalho13:06:58

Hi, I'm Victor, people also know me as Pigmeo or just Pig 🙂 I'm from Brazil and I work daily with clojure for about 6 months now. I've learned more on this months than ever in my life, not only about LISP but about technology as a whole thing, nowadays I'm looking forward to get more involved with OSS, this is a thing that I always wanted to but I've never knew how to begin with but now I now that we just need to start it wherever we can! Hope I can help most number of people possible here!

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