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Hi! I have a map with a key that is a 6 elements vector. The difference between the keys is that they must differ in the first two elements of the vector. I tried this to match :

{[?eid1 ?eid2 ?eid3 ?eid4 ?eid5 ?eid6] ?val1,
 [(me/not ?eid1) (me/not ?eid2) ?eid3 ?eid4 ?eid5 ?eid6] ?val2}
but getting a map patterns may not contain variables in their keys that would make it so there is more than one match possible. How could I expresse this?


@nlessa The error happens when you use match so you’ll want to switch to find. match doesn’t allow for ambiguity and a map with a variable key is ambiguous thus the message.

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If you want an error, add the clause

_ (throw (ex-info "..." {,,,})
below the one you have above.

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Thanks, Joel @U06MDAPTP!

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