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Jeongsoo Lee05:01:40

Hello! Glad to join this awesome community!

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James Carr18:01:03

Is it true there are no static analysis tools for clojure!?


to add one to the already mentioned: Eastwood maybe I'd call it "dynamic analysis" though because it works by evaling your code under tools.analyzer. In exchange one gets great accuracy


Kibit as well


that's false (but they can't do a lot of the things static analysis does with languages that enforce static types)


there are many tools actually

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:01:58

specifically, clj-kondo is now pretty actively used by a lot of people and gives a lot of great feedback


also clojure-lsp uses clj-kondo analysis and offers additional tools inside your IDE/editor, all based on static analysis


depending on what you are doing there are also some very useful libraries like tools.namespace, tools.reader, and tools.analyzer.* that you can use to roll your own code processing and examining


There is also which allows you to search code using specs and do your own analysis (uses tools.reader under the hood)