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Hi, I'm trying to use ::p/process-error to print dummy string to console if pathom throws while resolving the query. It works if the query uses a resolver, but it's not printing if the query is a mutation. Is that the default behavior?


it should work with mutations, can you send a reproducing example of what you see?


Ahh, I see. I'll let you know if I can reproduce it, but most likely I screw it somewhere 😅. Thank youu!


I just released documentation for how to debug in Pathom 3 🎉 ! This covers how to examine process details via REPL and using the Pathom Viz application, check it out at:

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Also published a new release of Pathom Viz, this fixes a bug with recent commits from Pathom 3, also fixes re-run of queries (trace was stuck in this case). And to finish it now has a link for setting up with Pathom 3 at the initial screen, download at:


@wilkerlucio Awesome job on the documentation for Pathom! It’s one thing to write a useful library but if the docs aren’t good chances are that no one will use it… The Pathom docs are clear without hiding any details and the examples are fantastic. Kudos!! 👏

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