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Good Morning Clojurians!




After more than 15 years of using it, editing text outside of vim is always a little disconcerting to me


i have a similarly long emacs pedigree, and spacemacs is really nice, but the rotting foundations of emacs keeps showing through - jankiness, hangs, occasional crashes, terrible handling of repl output


vscode+calva is taking some getting used to, and i miss helm, but it's a lot slicker. we'll see


I've started to play around a teenie-tiny wee bit with vscode + calva on my mac mini m1. Only for playing. I really doubt I could give up on my modal editing with vim and conjure. And unforutnately the vim plugin for vscode doesn't play nicely with calva.


however, with neovim 5, there is a plugin for vscode that may be better - it uses neovim in the background...


but I'll wait until neovim 5 is out before I try that.


i find i generally have two editors up at any one time


usually sublime with 3-4 columns for code navigation and as my 'spill to disk' space for avoiding keeping info in my short term memory


why don't you just have your 3-4 cols up in emacs ?


i have 3 cols in emacs as well


but it's the 7 +/- 2 thing isn't it


can only focus on say three buffers at once, so the active work stays in emacs


everything related but supporting tends to be open in sublime


ah ok, i was just using a second frame in emacs for that kinda stuff, or sometimes a separate layout


that would also work


i keep 9 virtual screens around for different things ... i have my main editor window on space 6, and if i need breakout frames i'll put them on 5 or 7 and it's really easy to flip between them


once upon a time i used totalspaces to arrange the 9 into a 3x3 grid, but you can't run totalspaces without disabling SIP anymore, so i've got to content myself with apple's dumb 1x9 arrangement :man-shrugging:


i find the window manager not super helpful so i guess in some ways i'm just working around that


yeah, macos default window manager is rubbish... but moving virtual desktops left/right with a keypress works ok, and spreading your windows over virtual desktops means that you don't ever have to find windows in a stack - another workaround for the rubbish window manager


and then emacs for whatever buffer i'm currently editing

Jordan Robinson10:01:56

I find the same, I usually have intellij/cursive up and then vs code for bits of text and various things that don't make sense to be in a project. I did try the scratch feature of intellij if that's what it's called but could never get used to it. Saying that I also put all my notes in notion these days so I guess I have three editors open all the time πŸ˜…


Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Insert

Jordan Robinson10:01:09

is this going to be like the time with alt f4


Just do it, what's the worst that can happen

Jordan Robinson10:01:39

it's the nuclear football activation shortcut?

Jordan Robinson10:01:44

ahh scratch file

Jordan Robinson10:01:19

yeah it's cool I could just never get used to it

Jordan Robinson10:01:26

do they stay with each project?




I mostly use it for comparing things or formatting stuff


For actual notes I use Sublime

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I keep a notebook beside me, a gridded notebook, with a pen πŸ™‚


i have a big notebook too, but some scratch stuff makes sense to be in a sublime text buffer


my notebook is generally like, 'things to do today' so more of like, a high-level view of things


ditto. I carry through to the next page things I didn't do today.


I find it helps me


Since my handwriting stopped progressing around the age of 10 and my left handedness smudges all ink into a gross blur I write everything up in notion, but the same concept πŸ™‚ I have a running "journal" page in there where I create collapsable headings for each year and month, then I have freeform markdown text for each day where I put ## @today and that inserts a dynamic date that updates over time with relative text like ## Last Tuesday. Works great for me! πŸ˜„

Jordan Robinson11:01:26

I do the same but with @now πŸ™‚


Ah interesting! I think the day is granular enough for me but might come in handy!

Jordan Robinson11:01:05

I generally do an @now meeting name or task name and then drag it to a calendar view later on


I can always drag todo lists around to different days then, highly recommend it for people looking for a digital notebook of sorts.

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