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Phillip Mates13:01:42

are there folks at nubank who try to keep up with matcher-combinators activity? We have a backlog of 7+ pull requests (from the last 2 months) that need some sort of maintainer action: either merging + deploying simple fixes or reviewing larger proposed changes


I don't check that regularly, but I guess @dchelimsky and some Nubank internal team do, @dchelimsky may know


Yes there are people who try 😉 . Success is another matter.

Phillip Mates14:01:37

Is it just you David, or are there others I can also tag? Sometimes Eric helps me out by merging and deploying things, but as I understand, the lib isn't one of his focuses


I'm not aware of anybody else right now, nor do I have the cycles to prioritize it. I've reached out to some folks and I'll post here if I have a better answer later.

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Glad we have this channel at least to discuss that :)


Just an idea, but @phillipmates seems very active on this project. If all are agreeable perhaps he could also become a maintainer?

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Phillip Mates15:01:07

I'm up for it but hadn't asked because I sort of fear the hoops needed to be jumped through on the Nubank policy side in terms of getting me clearance